Toll collection Automation

Our fastest payment system help issuing toll tickets within a second. Our GPRS terminals helps multiplying counters easily on a single toll gate. Remote monitoring of collections.

With minor customization, users can flash their credit / debit card for payment too and all such payments would be charged to their bank’s card

Flash and go with mobile terminals helps in faster issuance and also placing more than one person per toll gate during rush hours

                     GPRS terminals with one second payment

                     Remote monitoring of collections

                     Can monitor amounts collected by each toll personnel

                     Terminal based issuance helps charge correct amounts

                     Integrated credit/debit card makes life easier with no hassles of managing change

Forget challenges of keeping change

                     One second transaction for better infrastructure utilisation

                     Remote monitoring

                     Challenges of keeping change managed better

                     Avoid issuance of duplicate tickets and thereby pilferage