Smart Meal Card

Our Smart Meal Card is akin to a bank’s credit / debit card system. It helps companies automate canteen coupons. Our end to end solution involves card issuance, deployment of transaction terminals in canteens and web based reporting. Web access is provided to corporate, employees and merchants to access data online. Our mobile terminals can be carried by merchant for serving at employees’ work stations. The system has a slew of features to customize instantly to varying requirements of clients.

With our system, you can do away with the hassles of monthly procurement, distribution and reconciliation of paper coupons. Canteen audit and monthly canteen usage data can be accessed easily. The system is quick and easy to deploy and does not require any system integration.

Our Smart Meal Card comes with a slew of features that can be activated based on your existing company policy / requirement. These features are developed keeping in mind the unique challenges associated with canteen payments. Some of the key features are

                     One second to avoid queuing at counters

                     Contact less smart card or your compatible ID card or mobile phone can also be used instead of the card

                     Mobile terminals to allow serving at employees’ work station / conference rooms

                     Can work in both prepaid / Post paid mode

                     Daily or monthly usage limits can be set

                     Multiple menus for easy transaction

                     Paper less transaction though system has provision for printing receipts

                     Customised setup for permanent, contract or guest users

Our system guarantees savings, transparency and convenience. Some of the key benefits are:


                     Prevents misuse of meal allowance thereby optimizing canteen expenditure

                     Easy employee subsidy calculation and audit basis online reports

                     Fully managed service thereby complete peace of mind


                     Online remote monitoring to prevent cash pilferage by staff

                     Quick and easy bill preparation at the end of the month


                     Fast and easy payments

                     Unlike paper instruments, can block card and avoid loss when card is misplaced

                     Can access usage data online and claim tax benefit