Custom SmartCard Solutions

Now you can not only outsource your ID card issuance but also make the ID card work smart by custom software development around the same.

You can use ID card not only for verifying your identity but custom programs can help you trace fake ID cards. You can use the card for attendance marking, access to specified location/facilities within your company, pay for company bus usage, pay cashless in company canteens etc.

Custom program on smart card based ID cards enhances security and also makes the card work smarter

                     Secured programming on card chip

                     Multi purse to pay for utilities

                     Pay cashless in vending machines, canteens, bus

                     Specify access parameters for facilities like gym, server room, coop soc. Etc.

Enhance security and get the most out of your ID card

                     Outsourced card printing is cost effective and easy

                     Avoid imposters using fake printed ID card

                     Multiple programs to maximise benefits

                     Cashless payments within campus