PDS Automation

Government can now avoid pilferage and black marketing by ration shop under PDS scheme. Our card can be used for all sales on terminals deployed in ration shops. FCI gets previous month’s sales figures to calculate disbursements of subsidized items to ration shop.

While cash transfers might sound ideal, but the same can easily be misused by the head of the family for procurement of non food items.

Flash cards to be used for payments at ration shops and data to be linked to FCI for monitoring sales at each ration shop

                     Terminals with fixed prices to avoid manipulation or over charging

                     Card can have various limits to avoid misused

                     Option for card holders to switch fair price shops

                     FCI to have all sales data

Prevent pilferage and compel fair price shops to enhance service levels

                     Avoid pilferage

                     Avoid bogus usage and black marketing

                     Users have option to check quality of ration from different shops before purchase

                     Ration shops to get their next month rations from FCI basis last month actual usage

                     Government can substantially cut down subsidy burden