Unique Features

Our years of experience across industry verticals has helped us develop a slew of features that helps us adapt to client requirements easily. Our offering takes into account a 360 degree view of your concerns to assure your success with the our products

Wireless system

Completely wireless system helps in easy deployment.

Easy Customization

A slew of features that can be easily enabled or disabled basis your requirements.

Fully Managed Service

End to end handling of system helps us provide complete peace of mind.

Guaranteed Savings

Contact us to study your existing practice and provide you estimates of savings

Pay As You Use Pricing

Transparent pricing and pay-as-you- use model helps you avoid huge CAPEX

Campcard Assist

In-house service desk and Relationship Manager for timely resolution of queries.

Our products

Riding on the robust platform, we provide a slew of products and services to different customer segments like Corporate, Retailers and Government :

Smart Meal Card

Smart Meal Card

An electronic coupon system for company canteens that guarantees savings to companies

eGift Coupon

eGift Coupon

Hassle free gifting for your employees and associates. Easy procurement, distribution and redemption.

Gift and loyalty system

Gift and loyalty system

Now even smaller retailers can benefit by launching their own store gift and loyalty card

Bus ticketing system

Bus ticketing system

Companies, fleet operators and municipalities can issue handheld based ticketing for better control and route planning

Sales and collections automation

Sales and collections automation

Mobile operated system that helps companies monitor performance of sales staff.

Toll Collection Automation

Toll Collection Automation

Complete toll collection system from issuance of toll slips to RFID card based collection.

PDS automation

PDS automation

Smart ration card based monitoring of PDS sales to right beneficiary and avoid black marketing and pilferage.

Custom Smartcard solutions

Custom Smartcard solutions

Outsource ID card issuance and make it work for access and payments too


Our Service

To provide hassle free experience and to enhance your satisfaction with our products, we support you with services on an ongoing basis

Setup assistance

Our experts assist you structure system to maximize benefits

Customized reporting

Online and offline reporting customized to your requirements

System integration

We can also integrate our system with yours for hassle free operation

24 X 7 monitoring

We monitor the system round the clock so that your data is accurate and secure.

System upgrades

We continuously upgrade our system for free and provide you with latest technology


Scheduled information bulletin on industry best practices

How our customers rate us:

Overall satisfaction with our products


Overall satisfaction with our service levels


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Overall satisfaction with convenience in using our products


Why People like us?

CampCard 's system is innovative & provides complete peace of mind on cafeteria. Their service levels are exemplary. They helped us bring down our canteen expense by over 20%...

I like their wireless system which is easy to install, is flexible and helps solve issues associated with industrial canteen. Their card doubles up as our ID and access card to. Their customised reporting is a big plus…
a single card that helps users pay in canteen as well as for company bus usage. Ideal and cost effective system for managing company bus usage and administering subsidised meals…
their system and equipments are robust and has features to address challenges of any type of canteen setup. Their system is hassle free , transparent and helped us save over 35% on our canteen expense. AFTER REALISING THE BENEFITS OF THEIR SYSTEM IN ONE OF OUR PLANTS, WE LAUNCHED THEIR SYSTEM IN ALL OUR FIVE PLANTS”

Our Customers

We serve over 150,000 employees of over 150 companies on a daily basis with our system. Few of our esteemed customers are

  • Hyundai Motor India Limited
  • NIIT Technologies
  • ISMT Limited
  • Blue Star Ltd
  • Tata Motors